Rail Shad 6 Sinking

Weight: 14g - 1/2oz - Diving Depth:

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Product Overview

  • Designed primarily for vertical fishing
  • Unique design ensures lure descends quickly tail first, but quickly adjusts to fish in horizontal position
  • Lure also works very effectively when cast and jigged or ripped back
  • Features a tail hook feather for extra attraction
  • 2-3/8” in length and ½ oz weight
  • Available in 6 fish catching patterns

Salmo Fishing TV

Salmo USA Rail Shad 6 Sinking Holographic Purpledescent QRB001 Product #:
$ 14.99 http://www.salmousa.com/home/product/rail-shad-6-sinking?c=new-products Coming soon