Andy Walsh – Salmo Field Ambassador

Now that the dog days of summer have packed up a moved on, one of the best times of the year to be out fishing is during the beginning of the “BRRRRR” months. I’m talking September, October and November. You will likely find yourself alone on the lake at this time due to the cabins closing up, school starting, and hunting beginning. It’s wave of opportunities. During these months fishing can be fantastic for whatever species you choose to target. For me, I am usually chasing walleyes as they transition back to the “Grocery Store” phase. It seems to be that the beginning “BRR” months closely resemble a pre-spawn bite that you see in the spring. What similarities do I see? They are hungry, they want to put on weight, and they tend to be near the same structure. Find the groceries in these shallow areas, you will find the walleyes of all shapes and sizes!