Fall Walleye by the Hour

By Jason Mitchell

Fall walleye fishing is often heralded by anglers as one of the best times of the year for good fishing.  Plenty of big fish potential as females begin to put on egg mass.  Fall patterns are often drawn out and consistent.  Compared to the spring, there are way fewer boats to compete against compared to the same fisheries after ice out. 

Big Prop Crankbait Tactics

By Jason Mitchell

In past articles, we have shared some effective trolling tactics that incorporate the use of a bow mount trolling motor.  Particularly early in the year, creeping along with a bow mount trolling motor to pull crankbaits is simply deadly particularly in shallow water or when slow speeds are critical.  

Swimbaits for Bass

By: Sam George

Swimbaits are without doubt some of the most intriguing lures ever created. They come in countless sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. They have hard bodies, soft bodies, and even hollow bodies. There is just something about them that sparks interest in fisherman of all ages and experience levels.

River Jigging for Trophy Walleye

River Jigging for Trophy Walleye

Walleye start to migrate into river systems in the fall, and large numbers of fish are often concentrated into small areas in the spring.

Spring Topwater Bass

Hunter Freeman – FLW Pro Circuit Angler

Spring can be a very exciting time of year to fish all throughout the country. Northern lakes are beginning to warm up and fish are feeding up for the spawn, where the Southern regions are experiencing everything from spawning fish to post spawn transition.