Great Lakes Near Shore Lake Trout Jigging

By: Brandon Owczarzak

When anglers in the Great Lakes region think of fall and spring fishing, they often think of trophy sized walleye and smallmouth, or world class salmon and steelhead fishing.

Late Fall Walleye Tactics

Nate Berg – Owner of Nate Berg Fishing Guides

Those who know me, know I tend to think outside the box when it comes to trolling.  I have tried so many tricks and have failed so many times that I wish not to share.  Some are good, some are great, and some are fabulous. Here are two wonderful techniques, with one of which being my findings and one being a gift from an awesome guide, which I twisted into my own.  

Fall Deep Water Crappie Trolling

Nate Berg – Owner of Nate Berg Fishing Guides

The leaves are beginning to disappear off the trees, snow has already impacted the much of the northern zones and water temps are beginning to crack the upper 40’s.  For most, that is the signal to winterize the boat, put it in storage, and start sipping hot chocolate by the fire and stay warm.  For myself, that means bundling up in my ice fishing suit, dumping the hot drink into a thermos, and heading to the lake because one of the best trolling bites of the year for crappies is starting to get hot.

Fall Fishing is Deep Fishing

Written by Brian Bashore, Professional Angler/Guide

When many anglers think fall fishing and especially walleye, they naturally think deep water. But what is deep? 30 feet, 40 feet or even more?

Walleye in the “BRRR” Months

Andy Walsh – Salmo Field Ambassador

Now that the dog days of summer have packed up a moved on, one of the best times of the year to be out fishing is during the beginning of the “BRRRRR” months.